Floor Refinishing

We refinish hardwood floors and engineered floors.

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Hardwood Floor Refinishing

One of the most distinctive features of an old home is the original wood flooring. We will refinish your floor to look better thank new! We specialize in restoring all types of flooring to their original beauty. Whether your floors are just a little scratched up, need a heavy duty resurfacing, or need to be completely replaced, our experienced floor restoration specialists can help.

There are a number of reasons why home and business owners choose to refinish their hardwood floors. Are your existing wood floors starting to show the wear and tear? Tired of the tone of your wood floor and want a new stain color? Maybe you’ve recently discovered that you already have beautiful hardwood floors under that ugly and/or worn-out carpet. Whatever the reason, refinishing your worn out wood floor is an inexpensive and highly-effective way of breathing new life into your home.

What is the process for refinishing?

Generally, hardwood floors can be sanded more times than engineeered wood floors due to the nature of the wood structure and layers. We follow the procedures outlined below when deciding if refinishing is an option.

  • We look for dings and scratches. This is the first step.
  • We will check your boards to make sure there is enough room for sanding a layer.
  • If there are cracks or gaps, we will need to fill that in before starting the sanding process.
  • At times, we may need to replace boards when the floor sags or if the boards are cupping or warping.
  • We then sand your floor using our Dustless containment system
  • Next is the multiple coats of stain or polyshades to finish the project..
  • And lastly, we will buff the floor as needed to get the shiny, luscious look and feel.