Dustless Sanding

Creates a healthier working environment for both technician and homeowner

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Dustless Sanding System

Normally when we refinish floors, we sand them. We sand them fully which means that we sand them down to the bare wood and we gradually use finer and finer grits until we get a smooth surface. After this step, you have a choice if you want to leave the floor with the natural color and just add a few coats of polyurethane or you can change the color of the floor with a variety of colors from light to dark, browns, reds and whites. We then buff the floor to give it the smooth, luscious look and feel.

Why Dustless Hardwood Floor Sanding?

  • Our dust containment systems are very powerful and advanced and are made just for sanding hardwood and wood floors.
  • The end results are beautiful floors without the inconvenience and dust of traditional sanding.
  • If you have respiratory problems like asthma, Dustless Floor Sanding is highly recommended. The dust caused by traditional methods of wood floor sanding can be hazardous for people suffering from allergies as well.
  • This “dustless” or “dustfree” option is bit misleading because nothing is 100% dustless, but this method does take care of most of the dust.